Our philosophy, our commitments …

Aware of the fragile balance of our planet, the Hotel Restaurant des Augustins is committed to carrying out a number of eco-responsible actions.

Water management: all of the hotel’s rooms are equipped with showers, which consume less water and double flow toilets. We also offer our customers to change the bathroom linen only when necessary and not daily.

Energy management: our rooms are equipped with a general card switch so that no device is left on standby when the room is unoccupied. Likewise, all of our bulbs are low consumption and our shared toilets and corridors are equipped with motion detectors.

Packaging management and waste sorting: we have implemented selective sorting in order to recycle ink cartridges, batteries, bulbs, cardboard and glass. We also favor returnable glass containers. In the bedroom, we limit individual packaging so our soaps and shampoo are in large format, and the glasses are reusable glasses.

Paper management: in order to limit our paper consumption, we print resto / verso and favor light weight paper.

Management of cleaning products and room maintenance: we favor the use of natural products, and the rooms and bathrooms are systematically ventilated in order to renew the air.

And at the restaurant …

At breakfast, we limit the use of individual products, pastries and breads are baked on site for better management of quantities.

We are committed to offering you fresh and seasonal products and products from local producers.

Our desire is to be part of this eco-responsible approach for the long term. Thus, we educate our entire team about these actions.

During your stay with us, you too can support our action with simple gestures.